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Commercial Salon Liquidation

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Holiday Tanning Lotion Gift Baskets

12525 206th Pl SE, Issaquah
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Tanning Lotions Liquidation

Tanning Lotion
Holiday Gift Baskets

Tanning Lotion
Holiday Gift Basket

Lotions Overview   High-end Tanning Lotions from
Tanning Salon Liquidation

$2  Lotions
$1 Lotions
(originally up to $10)

$5 Lotions
$3 Lotions
(or 4 for $10)
(packs of 4 to 6 small lotions -
value up to $20)

$5 Lotions
(or 3 for $10)   

(originally up to $30)

$5 & $10 Lotions   

(originally up to $40)

$10 Lotions
(or 3 for $25)  

(originally up to $50)

$10 Lotions
(or 3 for $25)   
(originally up to $50)

$10 Lotions
(or 3 for $25)    
(originally up to $50)

$20 Lotions
(or 3 for $50)   
(originally up to $60)  

Lotion Detail
Partial List of Brands:
Designer Skin, Supre, Fiji, Califronia Tan, Australian Gold,
Enerald Bay, John Abate, Matahari, Fiesta Sun, Swanky Girl,
Cocoa Beach, Caribbean God, & more.

(Available in Full-size Bottles, Smaller Sizes, Minis, & Packets)

Tanning Accessories

Outdoor Sun Protection & Minimizers
Self Tanners
Eye, Hair, Nail, & Lip Protection
Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in-your-hair Repair

Commercial Tanning Bed

Dr. Kern Blue Dream VHR

Dr. Kern Blue Dream VHR
  (see full description below)

Dr. Kern Blue Dream VHR

Dr Kern Blue Dream VHR

Dr. Kern is an extremely high end company
w/an excellent reputation in the tanning industry
~Unit is in
working mechanical order
~Uses common bed parts avail @suntan or electrical suppliers
~220V plug-in
~32 (160 watt) bulbs give 4200 Watts of tanning power, not including the facial lamps
~Bulbs have approx 400 hours of optimum use left
(new bulbs can be purchased for $6.95ea)
~German Design
~Separate controls for facials & to adjust UVB/UVA output on ALL bulbs
~This is a high intensity VHR unit w/8 minute tan time
~Domed top provides zero burning (only half of it pictured, it's huge)
~Double wide tanning surface w/a 32bulb surface
~Built-in internal fans
~New box of facials
~Extra set of bulbs for full change-out
~Plus a $200 1.0 KVA buckbooster -
Increases bulb output for same power usage
~Plus a $100 digital T-max wall mount timer
~Plus EXTRA acrylic (part you lay on)
~Plus NEW bottle of indoor tanning lotions, after tan moisturizers, towels,
goggles (sealed pkg) & choice of contour pillows
~ALL owners manuals

New these units were more than $7,500 & currently sell for $2500-$3500 on e-Bay!

From the manufacturer: The Dr.Kern 32/3 CX Classic offers: ellipse shaped tanning bed with 32 lamps, making it the right system for every requirement. The curved bench coupled with the canopy surround the entire body. The all-round lamp design guarantees an even, intensive tan over the whole body. Body fans create a comfortable climate and enhance tanning pleasure. In a continuing effort to make Dr. Kern's tanning beds the most easily maintained in the industry, the 32 comes with a pull out component tray. This allows you to easily access the electrical components when you need to service it.

Commercial Fixtures
& Alarm System

 display cabinet
Commercial Suspension Displays (2)
w/ locks & keys
26" tall x 20" wide x 8" deep
$125 or $200 for pair

Miscellaneous Acrylic and Other
Commercial Fixtures

25¢ to $2.50

Glass Cabinets
Glass Display Cabinet with Lock
68 1/2" tall x 16" wide x 145"deep



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12525 206th Pl SE, Issaquah
High Valley     (off May Valley Road)

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