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Birds and Mammals of Oregon
Where and When to See
Audubon Society Birding Locations
Birding Site Guides from Individuals 
Craig Miller
Lee Cain
Mike Patterson
Newspaper and Magazine Articles
    Birding the West
    Tim Witty,  11/8/00
    (Central Oregon is a hot spot for viewing waterfowl in November)
  • Seattle Times
    (Need free subscription)
    • Sauvie Island
      Stanton H. Patty, 7/24/03
      (Sept - Mar best for cranes, waterfowl;
      Jan - Mar for bald eagles)
Greg Gillson

Tour Descriptions
Captive Raptor Locations
  • High Desert Museum
  • (daily raptor demonstrations)
    59800 South Highway 97, 
    Bend, Oregon 97702
    High Desert  or 541-382-4754
Migration Sites
Government and Research
Recent Sightings and Surveys

Birding Lists and Sightings

Bird Lists: Sightings and Trip Reports
Important Bird Areas
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Mammal and General Wildlife Viewing Locations
Ungulates Marine Mammals
Oregon Whale Watching
Wildlife in General
Government Wildlife Viewing Locations
Portland Area

Metro  (People Places - Open Spaces)
Bureau of Land Management
(OR & WA)

Watchable Wildlife Locations

State Lands

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
     Wildlife Areas

  • Oregon Wildlife Viewing by Season
    (excerpted from ODFW site)

  • Oregon Wildlife Viewing Reports -
    by month
    (excerpted from ODFW site)

Other BLM Sites
The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy
Oregon Chapter

Places We Protect  (Best for Wildlife)

(to learn more about mammals, go to Nature Resources)

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Where and When to Go for Spectacular Photo Ops in the Pacific Northwest

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